Why did I want to become a Software Engineer.

I did not have any past experience in the tech industry. I do not hold any college degrees just a high school diploma. I have been in the substance abuse counselor field for the last 12 years. However, I always had a strong interest in the tech world and I have self taught myself enough to pass the qualifications to become enrolled with Flatiron School.

Some goals of mine after completing this program is to learn the necessary skills to become employable and be able to offer my future employer top notch quality coding to help with enhancing their company. Also, I look to create some of my own projects that I could someday share with the world. I have a note book full of those ideas that I can’t wait to build.

I chose to become a Software Engineer because it can be a stress free career while using my problem solving skills that I had since a toddler to build application for people of the world. It’s one of the most in-demand skills right now and mediums salaries for engineers are in the six figures. Career schedules are flexible and that puts me spending more time with my growing family, traveling, and seeing the world. And, as I said I am able to create some of my own projects. Which is very exciting!

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