My Phase 1 Project was a random joke API. I chose the random joke API because I like jokes and I thought it was easy to build for my first project.

It was a bit challenging at first because I had to create a HTML file from scratch, but I was able to do so from the skills I obtained from my first few weeks in class and how to use Google to get exactly what I needed. In my HTML I had a body, sections, div’s, buttons and gained the knowledge on how to add emoji’s to my code…

Some say that you're never too old to learn a new skill. But some careers have a cap in terms of age and how old you can be to get started.

That is because as we grow older, some of us may lose some cognitive abilities that can hinder us from doing certain jobs. We may lack the ability to think tactically and jump into new youth trends once we reach a certain age.

I’m 42 years old too and I was accepted into Flatiron’s School for Software Engineering. Was it it difficult? Yes! Yet challenging in a good way and if you love a great challenge then programming could be great for you. I wouldn’t let the age thing get in the way. To become a coder requires dedication and…

I did not have any past experience in the tech industry. I do not hold any college degrees just a high school diploma. I have been in the substance abuse counselor field for the last 12 years. However, I always had a strong interest in the tech world and I have self taught myself enough to pass the qualifications to become enrolled with Flatiron School.

Some goals of mine after completing this program is to learn the necessary skills to become employable and be able to offer my future employer top notch quality coding to help with enhancing their company…

Omar Jarvis

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